Mortgage Products

Review our available mortgage products to get a better idea of our mortgage product offerings and what we can do for you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or go ahead and submit our 15 minute mortgage application. We look forward to working with you!

Fixed Rate Mortgage

Your interest rate will be fixed for one of the following: 6 month, 1,2,3,4,5,7, & 1 O-year terms – this gives you the security of knowing your rate and payment will not change during the chosen term.

Six month Convertible Mortgage

6 month fixed term that will allow you to convert to a lower fixed rate during that term – usually for people who feel rates are coming down.

Variable Rate Mortgage – Below Prime Mortgage

This product usually offers an introductory rate for the first 1 to 3 months. It is then adjusted either monthly or quarterly against prime – you will have the option to convert your mortgage anytime to a longer term. There are many benefits to this product, however it is not for everyone I would suggest you talk to one of us about the pros & cons of this mortgage.

Cash Back Mortgage

Most lenders offer a mortgage that will give you cash back on or after funding. The cash you receive is based on a percentage of the mortgage amount usually 1-5 %. However you will usually pay posted bank rates on these products.

First Year Deep Discount

This mortgage will offer a special deep discount for the first year of a 5-year term, after the 12 payment your rate will be adjusted for the remaining 48 months of the term. A good product for 1 st time buyers offering a competitive effective rate.

Equity Mortgage

Based on the equity in your home. Usually up to 85% of the value. In many cases income verification can be waived at 65 %. Very suitable for self employed.

Split Term Mortgage

Equity Power enables you to split your mortgage into 2 or 3 different mortgage types or terms. This is only available on conventional mortgages.


One mortgage registered over 2 properties may be helpful if you are buying a second home. Must be conventional.

Not A Canadian Citizen?

Yes you can obtain a mortgage to purchase a home in Canada while residing in another country. You will require 35% down payment towards that mortgage. In some cases income verification may be waived. Talk to us for more information.

Construction Progress Advances

Funds are drawn down based on the cost to complete. There are usually 3-4 draws. The rate during the course of construction is usually prime plus; once you have taken the final draw the rate will be fixed. These Mortgages can be very complex please call your specialist for details.

Insured Mortgages (High Ratio Mortgages)

All Mortgages must be insured if you have less than 20% down. This insurance protects lenders against loss due to default. You down payment can be as low as 5 % regardless of whether you have owned a home in the past. Your insurance premium is based on the size of your loan and is added to your mortgage. The premium is a percentage based on the loan size or down payment.

  • Up to 95 % financed 3.75 %
  • Up to 90 % financed 2.50 %
  • Up to 85 % financed 2.00 %
  • Up to 80 % financed 1.25 %